Jean Herschede


Jean Herschede is Director of Amigos de Guatemala, a non-profit that provides educational opportunities for rural Guatemalan children. She won a Rotary International Humanitarian district award in 2015, and is on the steering committee for Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, on the Student Attendance Review Board and a volunteer in the Cloverdale, Calif., schools.

An earlier career in financial software consulting and sales took her to various parts of Latin America including Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.

Kevin McKean


Kevin McKean is a journalist, editor and publishing manager with a proven track record for creating smart, compelling media products. Kevin has served as senior editorial officer for Consumer Reports and PC World, CEO at Infoworld, executive editor at, founding editor of the website, and as a science/medical writer for Discover magazine and The Associated Press. These days, Kevin works as an editorial and publishing advisor, with special expertise in digital and mobile business models. And he continues to write occasionally on a freelance basis, typically about medicine, business, technology or social issues.

Michael Reinemer


Michael Reinemer is a marketing and communications professional with a long career working for national and global organizations including NASDAQ, Willis Towers Watson, Nielsen Claritas and the National Council on Aging. He has extensive experience with client and member relations, branding and crisis communications. Currently he serves as a communications strategist for an environmental organization. 

Rich Sagal, M.D.


Rich Sagall, MD, is a retired physician who practiced Family and Occupation Medicine for 25 years in Bangor, ME and Philadelphia, PA. He is the cofounder and president of NeedyMeds, a non-profit that helps people find programs that help them with the cost of medicine and healthcare. He is a lifelong skeptic and a cofounder of Cape Ann Skeptics. He lives in Gloucester, MA, with his wife, and is the Chair of the Gloucester Board of Health.

Jeff Wilson


Jeff Wilson is a seasoned entrepreneur and sales executive with 28 years of successes and experience. His startup Marketdrive Marketing created one of the first File Transfer Protocol applications in the television industry to allow advertisers to email broadcast quality commercials across the Internet.

Jeff worked with a network of digital information screens in the waiting areas of medical specialty offices which eventually sold to Accent Health, then again to Health Media Network.

Most recently, Jeff founded an innovative tax credit business facilitating the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit program through a network of private and public schools in Pennsylvania.